Note to the Reader

December 7th, 2011

Dear Reader,

This website represents a collection of course work that I have completed for English 170W. This website is an analysis of the short story, The Little Frenchman and His Water Lots by George Pope Morris. In order to create this website I underwent a series of close readings and theoretical techniques to interpret the reading. A significant help was the historical background of American society during the time that the story was published.

My weakness this semester, was completing assignments promptly and especially learning how to search for and use scholarly journals to the best of my ability. My strength is making connections from the text to a real world setting. What I am most proud of is analyzing the literary meaning of a text. I learned how to create a website and I’m so technologically challenged. I also learned how to create a twitter account. Most importantly I learned how to analyze texts critically, especially a Shakespearian text. Enjoy my interpretation of The Frenchman and His Little Water Lots.


Femi Jones

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