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October 24th, 2011

When rocks impregnable are not so stout,

The new critics approach on the given interpretation of sonnet 65 goes as follows:

The interpretation acknowledges the paradoxical idea  present in the poem that something as weak as beauty may survive earth’s elements and survive through time especially when Father time’s primary duty is to age and deminish all things. New critics would appreciate this because they define good poems as those that acknowledge and embrace conflicts and tensions in words and create a deeper, unified and singular meaning. New critics characterize this effort to be an organic unity; a natural union of words and concepts that seem to oppose each another and that together reveal a singular message.  

However this interpretation goes awry when it takes into account the history of the poet bycomparing two separate works  of the same poet to find the hidden meaning in the sonnet. New critics are blatantly against taking into account the ideas from sources other than the text at hand. The meaning of a work is to be interpreted by the actual text and content of that work, not corroborated with another to determine its message.

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