Web Wednesday 10/5

October 5th, 2011

During today’s class, we created a wordle  or tag cloud of the words that composed our chosen short story. In the perspective of digital humanities, wordle is not a useful tool because it didn’t provided any more incite to the story.Instead it was just a collection of randomly chosen words, whose prominence didn’t reflect its importance to the story. It seems as if wordle is digital way to pick words from inside a hat. In today’s class we also used the Ngram viewer. This was an interesting  tool because it showed us the popularity of words in literature throughout different time intervals. This was a helpful tool for digital humanities because the quantitative data could be analyzed qualitatively by providing an opportunity for speculation on what society was like by analyzing that words that were used during a specific time. In this instance technology and the study of the human condition intersect which in this topic is a new idea entirely.

Additional Analysis 12/6/11

After completing the annotated bibliography I realized that the Ngram viewer helped me tremendously when trying to find literature that applied to my short story. The Ngram viewer helped me to find subject term to look for in the journal search and I began to make connections and draw conclusions about the tone of the United States during the year that my short story was published. which gave me incite on the purpose that the writer may have had that motivated him to create his literary piece.

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