Reflection on Web Wednesday

September 1st, 2011

During Web Wednesday on September 14th, I found some difficulty keeping up with the class especially with the delay on twitter. I always felt left behind and¬† chasing the deadlines. When instructed to recreate one of the styles presented by Queneau in a timed setting, pressure was put on me to perform and it was challenging. It was also interesting to see what other students presented as their “copycat” of Queneau. While working on my personal blog I found it difficult to change the “about” section on my webpage. I can’t find where to change it on dashboard.
 During Web Wednesday on September 21st, I was more familiar with the protocol. Operations went along a little more smoothly being that I was previously oriented in the digital atmosphere. I was also introduced to a new learning technique called Second Life. The concept of Second Life is intriguing and can be very helpful especially when making a class novel come to life. However, I could understand some of the concerns of the less technologically adapted students. In the perspective of creating internet based research projects, I am improving on my ability to effectively use web-based technologies in order to read and publish my academic writing everytime that I need to comment of respond to an assignment via my personal qwriting blogsite.

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